Special projects
Valledoro today

Respect for the environment has always been one of the values that has characterised the history of Valledoro. In particular, significant investment has been made in recent years to strengthen the Brescia company's green commitment, in line with EU objectives regarding the development of renewable energies and the reduction of emissions. The photovoltaic system operating since 2011 represents the latest step of this approach, and is obvious testimony to our focus on environmental issues. The system has 666 panels covering an area of 1100 m², meeting 95% of the company's energy requirements and enabling 77 tonnes of CO2 to be saved every year.

Valledoro safeguarding the environment

This important investment is in addition to the solar thermal energy plant for the production of hot water and recovery of condensate, which Valledoro installed in 2007. Our green commitment doesn't stop there.  The company has a geothermal plant that effectively contributes to office heating and air conditioning systems. Respect for the environment is also reflected in our choice of packaging materials. We have always sought out materials that are easy to recycle, and constantly strive for packaging solutions that have the least impact on the environment. The choice to use polypropylene packaging for example, is due not only to the convenience of this material but also due to the fact that it is easy to recycle and avoids the use of paper packaging.

The Valledoro Academy

The Valledoro Academy is the training project Valledoro has been running for primary and secondary schools since 1982. Over 3000 children and young people visit the company every year and participate in educational projects. Each edition of the Valledoro Academy is updated with new features. It aims to offer a complete course working with pupils to explore market activities carried out by the company and related issues. The Valledoro Academy initiative consists of the following educational elements:

A visit to the company. School trips to the company are accompanied by a qualified guide and cover the most significant production phases for baked goods and the corresponding technical information. Starting with raw materials and proceeding through to the finished product, pupils can experience a production/business setting at a company operating in the agro-food industry.

The Pyramid Project. This food education course illustrates the principles of a good healthy diet. The course is split into three phases - the food pyramid, the golden rules for a healthy diet, labels and guidelines for reading them correctly. To access this course teachers must submit a request when booking a visit.

A cross-cultural experience. The Valledoro environment reflects the reality of day-to-day life with the cohabitation of different cultures. Taking this as a starting point Valledoro presents itself to pupils as a cross-cultural company, and encourages young people to have a healthy curiosity about other cultures.

Safeguarding the environment! This course illustrates the environmentally-friendly behaviours that can be adopted by a company such as Valledoro, and how each of us can contribute to safeguarding the environment. The course was set up in 2010 when the new photovoltaic system was installed, and was the final element of a set of initiatives undertaken by Valledoro to save energy and safeguard the environment.