The company
Valledoro today

The company is run by the third generation of the Zubani family.The company has expanded since 1954, and with 5 production lines offers a wide range of products that include different types of breadsticks, rolls and snacks. Valledoro is also a symbol of the Made in Italy brand throughout the world.
Our products are widely available on the national market and are also exported abroad. This is due to our passion and experience, enabling us to develop a reputation as a supplier and producer of premium quality foodstuffs. 
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Production methods

Our production process is carried out entirely on our premises in Brescia, which were recently extended to achieve a production capacity of 800 kg/hour for a total of 2,500 thousand tonnes/year. Even though Valledoro has increased in size over the years, the company has managed to maintain the small-scale, artisan methods of production typical of the best Italian tradition. This method of working is based on the careful selection of grain to obtain quality flour, and the correct formulation of dough to maintain perfect balance between different ingredients. All ingredients are selected from the best suppliers and are guaranteed by a strict traceability system, so their origin and destination can be identified at any time. All Valledoro products are made without animal fats (butter, lard), chemical additives and preservatives.


The motto “We care for our customers as we do for our children” perfectly summarises the passion and care that Valledoro dedicates to the quality of its production. Furthermore, checks on finished products are carried out daily by specialist personnel to ensure full compliance with standards. 

The endorsements Valledoro has obtained over the years demonstrate the high level of quality achieved. The company quality system complies with standard British Retail Consortium Global Standard for Food Safety and the International Food Standard, the two highest standards for those operating in the agro-food chain to ensure product quality and safety.