Baked snacks
Striscette al Mais

Smooth, slightly crinkle-cut rectangular crackers, some of which may have air bubbles. Thin golden crackers with the classic taste of olive oil. Available in 250 g packets. 


Grade 0 wheat flour, high-oleic cornflour (8.5%), yeast, iodised salt, malted barley flour.

Nutritional Values

Energy Value (kj) 1706

Protein 10

Dietary fibre 3

Carbohydrates 65

of which sugars 1.5

Salt 1.2

Fats 11

of which saturated 1.5

Energy Value (kj) 405

Try them like this

Striscette al mais and avocado

Try them like this

Striscette al mais, ricotta, beansprouts and Himalayan salt
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